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Our Story

With over 10 years dog grooming experience, your dog's safety and comfort is the top priority in our Biggleswade groom room


From Furchester Founder Francesca... 

I've studied and worked in the animal industry since 2010.

To say that I am passionate about dogs is an understatement. At four year old I would watch the film 101 Dalmatians on repeat, wearing my pink Dalmatian hat, sat with my Shih Tzu, Portia.

The feeling of wanting to be a pack animal stayed with me as I grew older. I'd often be found at kids parties playing with the host's dog or stopping every dog owner in the street to ask the breed and give them a fuss.


As a teen, I stumbled across an online dog encyclopaedia. Each day I would return home from school and log straight on to learn the new Breed of the Day. This passion regarding breeds, anatomy and behavior means that most evenings you will find me reading a book about dogs, both fiction and non-fiction, and getting my children to play dog breed bingo (best mothers day gift ever).

Before attaining my Level 3 Dog Grooming at Oakland Collage, I undertook a two year course studying Animal Management and Husbandry at Shuttleworth College. These further studies have helped me expand my knowledge beyond the groom standard and beyond show grooming. I always put the welfare of the dog above it's look.

My clients, to this day, will tell you how excited their dog is to arrive at the studio.

When starting Furchester Dog Services I decided to incorporate my other passions into my grooming studio; these being the environment and the community. I am a strong believer that one person can make a big enough difference. I hope to be able to talk about these subjects with you all in my live videos and my blogs.

If you have any questions please contact us.



Founder & Groomer

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