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2023's Pet Pledge

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The safety and comfort of every dog is always our top priority; the dogs who visit our Biggleswade groom room & beyond.

To make good on that commitment we're making our first ever Pet Pledge for 2023.

2023's Charity Pet Pledge

We may be a nation of animal lovers, but there are still many vulnerable pets in need of extra love and care.

The share of UK households with a pet dog jumped from 23% to 35% over the lockdown [source: Statista]. Putting extra pressure on pet health services.

To do out bit to help dogs in need, we have pledged to raise awareness and funds for a charity close to our hearts: Pet Blood Bank UK.

Through various fundraising events in 2023, we pledge to raise a total of £500 for Pet Blood Bank UK.

Who are Pet Blood Bank UK?

Pet Blood Bank UK help save lives of pets in need. Just like a human blood service but for pets, the charity run donation sessions across the country where owners can bring their pets to donate.

The blood is taken to their Loughborough processing centre, where it is stored for when vets need it.

Every unit of blood saves up to other 4 lives. Learn more about how your dog could be a life saver here.

How we will help

Kicking off our year long fundraising mission for Pet Blood Bank UK, we'll be leading monthly community dog 'Walkies!'.

One Sunday a month we'll lead a dog walk at Deepdale Woods, Sandy. Voluntary donations for Pet Blood Bank UK will be welcome along the walk.

Not only a great opportunity to socialise our four legged but a chance to meet new two legged friends too!

Fundraising events for 2023:

  • Monthly Community Dog 'Walkies!'

  • Seasonal Dog Photoshoots

  • Dog Agility Sports Day

Track our progress

We welcome you to follow our progress to our £500 target throughout 2023 via our dedicated Just Giving page. Donations from our monthly dog 'Walkies!' and all other fundraising events will be collected here.

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